Tough Things Pressure Washing Can Remove

pressure washing to remove graffiti

For most people, pressure washing their home is a task that only gets done every couple of years. But maybe you’ve noticed that dark green mildew is taking over the walls of your home, multiple stains compounding on your driveway, or some other surfaces of your house getting really dirty.  

To keep your home looking in tip-top shape, it’s essential to pressure wash your home regularly. Pressure washing can also be ideal when other types of stains that are just too tough to remove with your water hose appear on your property.

Tough Things You May Come Across

When those pesky tough stains aren’t coming off, it’s time to think about using a pressure washer. What tough things can pressure washing remove?

Graffiti Marks

While some may see graffiti as a type of art, you may not think so when it’s illegally done on your property. Graffiti removal from concrete surfaces can quickly be done with a pressure washer. However, if it’s located on brick or metal surfaces, use a chemical product before pressure washing.

Chewing Gum

One of the worst things that can get stuck on your shoe is chewing gum because it’s such a hassle to take off. Chewing gum can be one of the stickiest, most challenging things to remove from any of your home’s surfaces, like concrete driveways. Utilizing hot water while spraying it with a pressure washer will get the gum to melt and come right off.

Oil and Grease

Common tough stains found on your driveway or garage floors are oil and grease stains. Unfortunately, we can’t control other vehicles’ oil leaks, so it’s essential to use pressure washing to remove those stains. To assist in removing these tough stains, use a degreasing detergent and try pretreating the areas with it before spraying it down.

Be Careful Doing it Yourself

Trying to remove tough things like these by yourself may put you in danger. So enlist the services of Wash-N-It so you can be sure those tough stains come out. Our professional team is eager to provide you with quality pressure washing in Napa, California, and the surrounding areas.

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