The 4 Biggest Mistakes of Pressure Washing

pressure washing wooden decking

Many people have decided to invest in helpful home tools such as a pressure washer machine. This machine can be used to power wash various things we own, including the exterior of our home, our driveway, and our deck. The biggest motivator for making this a do-it-yourself (DIY) project is to save money.

While anyone can purchase a pressure washing machine, it doesn’t mean that using it is a simple task. Hiring a professional for your pressure washing service has many benefits and will give you the confidence that the job will get done correctly.

But keep in mind some of these big mistakes people make when pressure washing.

Not Using Safety Equipment

Pressure washers might not look like heavy-duty machines, but they can do a lot of damage. So don’t underestimate their power, and make sure to use close-toed shoes and safety goggles. 

If you happen to discharge a narrow stream of water at several thousand pounds per square inch (PSI) at yourself or someone else, it can:

  1. Slice through flesh
  2. Cause infection by driving water and dirt deep into your body tissue.

Using Too Much Pressure

If the amount of pressure this machine has can cause our body harm, it can do the same to the material we are trying to clean. So whether it’s siding, concrete, or wood, we need to ensure we aren’t using too much pressure to do damage. 

Other critical factors related to the amount of pressure include:

  • Using the wrong spray nozzle
  • Standing at a sufficient distance from the surface you’re washing

Only Using Water

Many people think that pressure is enough to get rid of dirt and grime. However, any professional knows that to get the job done correctly, almost every pressure washing service requires the help of a detergent or chemical cleanser. However, depending on the material you’re using, make sure you use the correct mixture.

Not Hiring a Professional

Probably the biggest mistake with pressure washing is not hiring a professional. Even though you can save money by pressure washing yourself, the damage you can cause to yourself or your property can make it an expensive task.

The professionals at Wash-N-It will provide you with a reliable pressure washing service that’s sure to bring a smile to your face when you stand back and see your home look brand new.

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