Pressure Washing to Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

pressure washing a parking lot

You want your business to be a clean, safe, inviting establishment. The ones with well-kept, well-maintained parking lots are well on their way to doing that. So why is pressure washing your parking lot one of the best ways to achieve an appealing parking lot? 

Pressure washing your parking lot routinely brings many benefits, as we will outline below.

Protects Your Parking Lot Surface

Everyday, your parking lot is bombarded with different substances and materials that damage the surface of your lot. These include things like: 

  • Oil, grime, and chemical Stains 
  • Food spills and chewing gum
  • Graffti 
  • Tire marks
  • Leaf and Mulch Stains
  • Animal Waste 

The longer these things linger, the more likely they will stain the asphalt. The oil and chemical stains can be especially egregious as they can cause the asphalt to peel away and create potholes in your lot. 

Protecting your parking lot surface also protects those who walk on it, because you will be clearing out potential tripping hazards, or anything that could inadvertently cause an accident.

Maintains an Attractive Parking Lot

A clean parking lot speaks volumes about your business and how you like others to think about it. Customers appreciate clearly painted parking lines, fresh-looking asphalt, and an even surface with no weeds or potholes. 

By routinely power washing your lot, you maintain an appealing parking lot that a good first impression to potential customers.

Effective Way of Keeping Parking Lot Clean

Pressure washing is the most effective way to keep your parking lot clean. The high pressure water combined with the gentle chemicals present an efficient way to keep your parking lot pristine. 

It is possible to do the power washing yourself, but it is best to hire a professional pressure washing company, especially if you have neglected your parking lot for some time. 

Hiring a company will also save you time, and will ensure that the washing is done thoroughly. Professionals will know exactly which chemicals to use, how much, and the temperature the water should be.

Who Can I Talk to About Getting My Lot Pressure Washed??

If you’re in the Napa, California area and would like to have your parking lot immaculate please contact us at Wash-N-It. We can’t wait to help you!

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