Is pressure washer detergent bad for the environment?

Pressure washing is a great way to keep your home clean. A great sense of happiness can come from seeing our worn-down homes look brand new after a good wash. But as you look at the water and detergent push the dirt and grime into your garden you may think, is this hazardous for the planet?

It’s important to think about the impact pressure washing may have on our planet earth. A few things to look out for are:

  • Products 
  • Water and energy
  • Maintenance


Using the right products can be key to making sure that our home is cleaned effectively and sustainably. 

One of the harshest ingredients in power washing detergents is bleach. Many DIY projects use this ingredient to make it easy to clear up the color of muddy or dirty concrete. 

Using power washing products with harsh chemicals is hazardous for both the planet and our families. Why? The solutions tend to be abrasive and corrosive.

Responsible power washing around the home means responsible use of the cleaning products.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Program helps consumers select products to protect their family and the environment without sacrificing quality or performance.

Water And Energy

Many believe it to be more eco-friendly washing their homes with a garden hose. Is this true?

It is estimated that using a pressure washer will use 70% to 75% less water than if using a water hose or other techniques. The heat and controlled pressure will also allow the use of either less product or even no product at all.


Pressure washing eliminates the build-up and growth that contributes to deep stains, decay, and the erosion of coatings and structural materials. This helps prolong the life of our homes and properties. Perhaps even delaying the need for remodeling or replacing things like bricks, concrete, and siding.

Minimizing the need to replace such items helps lower the use of our natural resources. Not only does this help save the planet, but this also helps save your pocketbook from large expenses.

Let Us Help

Watching out for the planet and your family is always the right choice. Here at Wah-N-It, we strive to provide quality service and use sustainable solutions to protect you and the planet. Let us help you keep both your homes and the planet clean and happy.

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