The Environmental Impacts of Pressure Washing: Why Hiring a Professional May Protect More Than Just Your Weekend

We all want our deck and siding to look new again and pressure washing seems like a simple way to get that new look. You think it sounds like a reasonable Saturday project. Go rent a pressure washer from the local rental store, buy some cleaner, hook it up and bam! Everything is like new again.

Sounds good, right? But what impact does this simple do-it-yourself project potentially have on the environment?

The Art of Power Washing

Effective and efficient power washing is an art. When done correctly it is a powerful restorative tool. Done incorrectly and the consequences can be dangerous. Not just to you, but Mother Nature as well.

It takes a professional hours and hours of training and experience to become proficient. But once trained, a professional can clean a large surface in a very short time. But they aren’t just trained in how to quickly and efficiently clean something, they understand the impacts of what they do and the potential hazards that the water and cleaners they use pose.

The Toxic Side of DIY Pressure Washing

Bleach is one of the most powerful chemicals for combating mold and mildew and restoring your now beige siding back to its white luster. Unfortunately, your Saturday project of removing the mold from under the deck and the stains off the concrete patio is also causing a problem for those downstream. All that bleach filled water is seeping into ground water. This poses a serious problem for our water and wildlife downstream.

What if I use organic cleaners?

Good for you, at least you are trying to do the right thing. But keep in mind, if your home was built before about 1978 then there is a better than good chance it contains lead pain on its exterior. This lead can be released into the surrounding environment unknowingly by inexperienced power washers.

We joke about taking a full Saturday to complete your project, but all joking aside, it will take you much longer to complete versus a professional. That whole time, your washer is consuming water and electricity. And while this may seem insignificant, it is still an impact we must think about.

So, before you block out a weekend consider if hiring a professional may protect more than just a Saturday afternoon. Contact Wash-N-It today for a quote on your next project!

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