Why Pressure Washing Can be a Dangerous DIY Project

pressure washing

At first glance, you might think, “what’s so dangerous about a stream of water?”

It can seem harmless, but pressure washing equipment can be over 50 times more powerful than your typical garden hose spray nozzle. Not only can pressure washing things yourself cause a potential accident, but it can damage your possessions and home.

Pressure Washing Your Car

There is a lot of information on the internet about how you can pressure wash your car yourself. Unfortunately, there is a reasonable chance that you will end up damaging your vehicle while you’re cleaning it. It’s not uncommon for the pressure washer to blast gravel or other particles into your paint. If you use too high of pressure or a fine tip on your pressure washer, you can even blast the paint off of your car.

You Can Hurt Yourself With The Pressurized Stream Alone

Gas-powered pressure washers can come with a serious punch. A pressurized stream with a fine tip can cut through things as thick as your rubber boots! You might think it’s just water, but you can actually land yourself in the hospital over this. According to Consumer Reports, over 6,000 people went to the emergency room in a single year over pressure washer accidents.

Don’t Fall Off The Roof!

If you’re not a trained professional, you run the risk of damaging your roof by blasting shingles off or damaging them with the high pressure. Also, if you don’t have a firm footing and the right footwear, the pressure from the hose can make you lose your balance and you could fall off the roof and hurt yourself.

What You Can Do Instead

Instead of trying to wash things yourself with a high-powered pressure washer and potentially damaging your surfaces (and yourself), it might be best to just hire a professional — not only do you drastically reduce the chances of causing damage, but you will also guarantee a quality job done by a real professional. This can save you time and money; so contact us today!

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