When to Use Hot Water Pressure

When it comes to using a water pressure washer, you may be debating if it’s necessary to spend the extra money on hot water pressure.  This would depend on exactly what you are using your pressure washer for. The cold water pressure would be sufficient for cleaning cars, removing dirt buildup, or debris from exterior walls and walkways, etc.

What is Hot Water Pressure?

Hot water pressure washers include a coil that can heat the water pumped by the pistons and to make it come out of the nozzles at a temperature (up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit ) that dissolves grease and oil. Just like when cold water can’t quite cut through the grease off of your dishes, it’s the same concept. Cold water is ineffective against grease because it can only disperse the hydrogenated microparticles that make up oil and grease, but it cannot remove them quickly and thoroughly from surfaces.

Another benefit can be that high-temperature water kills bacteria, and allows the surfaces to be sterilized. Now your driveway or sidewalks probably won’t benefit from sterilization, but this is good to consider if the dirty surfaces will be needing this type of cleaning.

Hot Water Pressure Stain Removal

You may be thinking, go with the hot water pressure just in case, nothing can go wrong. That is not correct, there are situations where this is the wrong choice. Some plastic surfaces or certain paints, for example, cannot withstand high temperatures and may be damaged by washing with hot water.

If you are trying to remove any of these kinds of stains, you would consider using a hot water pressure washer

  • Grease
  • Engine and automotive parts
  • Cooking oil
  • General grime
  • Petroleum 
  • Paint/coating

To sum up, hot water pressure washers are more effective against dirt caused by grease and oil, allowing a wash in less time and using less water pressure, and detergents. If you’re looking for something to clean off the mud from those sidewalks or chairs, a hot water pressure cleaning may be unnecessary. Check out https://washnit.com/ for our services. Learn about how a pressure washer works and see why it’s the best option for you.

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