When Do You Need An Industrial Pressure Washer

You got a tough project coming up. Maybe some oil and grease stains need to be washed out of your garage, or you need some deep cleaning done on your siding or roof. These are big projects that need some serious equipment. What do you do? 

An excellent residential pressure washer can go a long way, and even more so can an industrial pressure washer. What are the differences, and which way is the best to go?

Well, it’s important to note three things:

  • Costs
  • Quality
  • Risks

How Much Do Pressure Washers Cost?

The obvious may be that an industrial pressure washer is more expensive than a residential pressure washer. The cost for a residential pressure washer is typically a few hundred dollars. In comparison, an industrial pressure washer may be closer to a few thousand dollars.

Best Quality Pressure Washer For The Price

While industrial pressure washers are more expensive, they provide quality cleanliness. With the higher pressure, you get faster water movement, which hits the dirt harder, removing it more effectively and efficiently.

Of course, buying your industrial pressure washer and having someone do the job for you will create a significant difference in costs. One can empty your pockets while the other gets you a good wash at a lower price.

The Risks of Using a Pressure Washer

Although these machines can seem easy to use, there is a high risk when not used properly. According to the CDC, the following are risks associated with using a high-grade pressure washer:

  • A fast and robust spray can throw an object that may strike and injure others who are close by
  • Electric shock can occur if not used correctly or if not using the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Gasoline-powered engines can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if used in an enclosed space

The Bottom Line

It’s essential to maintain our homes for the safety of our loved ones. Get it done without the risk of injury with the help of well-trained professionals. Visit our website to find the best service at the best price.

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