What Chemicals Are Used in Soft Washing?

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Soft washing is a type of washing that cleans exteriors with low pressure. Think about how you clean the interior of your house. You wouldn’t take a pressure washer to your tub or toilet. Instead, you use a cleaner to scrub away grime and dirt, then rinse it clean. This is a similar technique used in soft washing. 

To properly clean the exterior of a building with soft washing, certain chemicals are needed to complete the job safely and effectively.


Bleach is used to kill any organisms currently growing on a surface being washed. These organisms may include algae, mildew spores, moss, or other fungi. Bleach also works to kill root systems and prevent these organisms from growing back.


Surfactants are a key ingredient in achieving a successful soft wash. Surfactants are “surface-active agents” that help clean by loosening dirt, grime, and other contaminants on a surface. The chemical makeup of surfactants helps them get between the surface, such as your roof, and the substances clinging to them, such as dirt and fungi. It also improves the water’s ability to wash away these unwanted substances.

Plant Protectors

While water helps protect plants during soft washing, there’s more you can do to shield plants from runoff damage. A chemical plant protector can help neutralize the soft washing solution and coat the leaves of plants with a protective barrier.  In addition, these plant neutralizing agents can work to fertilize the plants and leave behind vital nutrients to help them grow.

Odor Maskers

Although bleach effectively kills organic matter, the smell it leaves behind is not as appreciated. This is where odor maskers can be of assistance. Odor maskers help cover the smell of bleach and leave behind a scent such as citrus or another pleasing scent.

Soft Washing with Wash N It

If you’re not sure what chemicals to use while soft washing your home, play it safe and leave it to the professionals. We know which chemicals to use to give your home a facelift while keeping you and your family safe. Contact us today for professional soft washing! 

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