Ways DIY Pressure Washing Can be Dangerous

Pressure Washer

Some homeowners like to save a little money by renting a pressure washer and washing their homes themselves. 

If this is something that you’re considering doing, please take a brief moment to analyze the risks involved in handling a pressure washer without experience.

The Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing

There are many dangers when it comes to pressure washing that most people would find surprising. Here are the most significant risks when tackling a pressure washing project.

Physical Injuries

A pressure washer is 50 times stronger than a garden hose. If you get hit with the powerful stream, it will cut through your skin and force water and possibly chemicals into the wound, creating a dangerous scenario as it enters your bloodstream.  

Additionally, the hose can be hard to control because of the intense pressure. It can come out of your hand unexpectedly, resulting in injuries from the stream of water and the hose itself.

Electric Shock

Pressure washers mix water and electricity – never a good combination. To make matters worse, the power cable is so long that knots, kinks, and cracks are inevitable. 

If not inspected regularly and used cautiously, power washers can result in electric shock.

Surface Damage

Wood, mortar, and paint won’t always hold up to pressure washing, so knowing the best nozzle and power level is essential to not damaging your home. The risk increases if your home is painted with lead-based paint. You don’t want that hazardous waste flying through the air, getting tracked into your home, or filling up your garden beds. 

Water can also get under siding if you’re not careful, damaging your insulation, interior walls, and wiring.

While newer windows will benefit from a good pressure wash, older windows won’t withstand high pressure, and a break could result in injuries inside and outside the home. 

The same is true for shingles. Using the wrong pressure or going at it from the wrong angle will only damage your roof and lead to leaks.

Should You DIY Pressure Wash?

There are many risks to using a pressure washer without the proper training. While many companies provide pressure washer rentals, paying a few dollars more to have a professional pressure wash your home is always better. 

At Wash-N-It, our team is trained to pressure wash your home safely, quickly, and efficiently, so the last thing you’ll have to worry about is injuries or property damage. Get a quote from our Napa, CA, team today!

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