Should I Power Wash My Roof?

Our roofs act as shields for our homes, protecting us from mother nature. But that long-term protection takes its toll. Our roofs may start to build up algae, moss and debris. Not only do these look bad, over time, they can cause compromises to the protection our roofs give our homes. So why not just drag out the pressure washer? Yes, pressure washing your roof will blast all that unsightly grime away, but it may also blast away your roof, literally.

The Dangers of DIY Roof Washing

Before you drag out the ladders and power washer, and start climbing onto your roof, you may want to think about this:

Climbing on a roof is dangerous under any circumstance. Add to that a rat’s nest of pressurized hoses, and water and cleaners, and you have a recipe for a trip to the emergency room.

But aside from the personal injury potential, pressure washing your roof can also seriously damage it.

The Damage Pressure Washing May Cause

Depending on your roof type, high pressure water can cause immediate damage if not done correctly.

Asphalt shingles are very common roof types. They contain granules that are essential for performance, and high-pressure water can strip them away. Loss of these granules will significantly reduce the life of your roof.

They are not designed to handle high-pressure water and spraying them just slightly in the wrong direction can cause them to come lose or blow away altogether.

Skylights and flashing are other areas where high-pressure water can cause major damage if not done correctly. The sealants used around flashing, roof jacks, and skylights cannot handle the pressure and may crack or come lose causing water penetration.

In many cases, the damage caused from improper washing may not be immediately evident. Unfortunately, when it comes to water damage from roof leaks, by the time you notice it, the damage can be extensive and expensive to repair.

If your roof has algae, moss, debris and other unsightly spots that need cleaning, contact Wash-N-It today!

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