Is Pressure Washing Environmentally Safe?

environmentally friendly pressure washing

Many people are misled into thinking that pressure washing is not environmentally friendly, however, they fail to see all of the factors that make up the reasons that pressure washing is actually good for the environment. It can be hard to understand just how pressure washing can be good for the environment when the only thing you know about pressure washing is that it can use chemicals or soaps and those may run off into water supply. However, there is more to know than just that.

Doesn’t Pressure Washing Use Chemical Cleaners?

While it is true that pressure washers can be used with chemical cleaners, they can also be used with green biodegradable cleaners that don’t harm the environment. It all depends on how the machine is used, who is using it, and what cleaners they choose to add to the mix. If you are unsure, talk to your professional pressure washing company near you to see if they offer or use environmentally safe green cleaners.

What About The Energy Use of Pressure Washers?

As pressure washing is an extremely fast way to clean and maintain property, the energy use compared to slower methods is much lower. One source states that when using a pressure washer to clean a patio, it can use up to 75% less water than trying to do it with a garden hose.

What About Maintenance?

When you regularly upkeep your property, you will have to replace it less often. That is just a fact of life. And, unfortunately, the cost and environmental cost of replacing roofing, siding, and concrete, is much more harsh on the environment than just pressure washing it regularly — especially when green soap cleaners are used in the machine, because then it basically has zero negative effect on the environment.

Pressure Washing is Environmentally Friendly

Hopefully, now you see that cleaning with a pressure washer using green biodegradable soap cleaners is not only not harmful to the environment, but it can be extremely helpful when compared with alternatives. If you are looking for professional pressure washing services near you, then you can turn to us!

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