How Long Can You Run a Pressure Washer?

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When you purchase a pressure washing machine, you want to consider the use that you will give your fancy new investment. Before deciding on which pressure washer to buy, most people look at the following factors:

  • Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) – the amount of cleaning pressure the machine can produce
  • Gallons per Minute (GPM) – the amount of water that’s coming from the machine

While these factors are essential to determine how effectively your pressure washer cleans, other factors will affect how long you can run your pressure washer.

Factors That Affect How Long Your Pressure Washer Will Run

How long you can run a pressure washer can be affected by the following:

Electric vs. Gas Pressure Washers

An electric pressure washer won’t run out of juice as a gas machine might. However, if you invest in a pressure washer that runs off gasoline, then the time your machine can run will depend on the size of the fuel tank and how quickly your machine burns its fuel.

Whether You’re Using a Cleaning Solution

Most homeowners will spray a cleaning solution directly on the surface to pressure wash, while others will feed it through their machine. If you use the latter, you will have to replenish the cleaning solution throughout the cleaning process.

But just as your body needs a break, your machine will benefit from taking a break.

Give Your Pressure Washer a Break

No matter how powerful your pressure washer might be, it’s never a good idea to leave your machine running for too long because doing so will increase the risk that it will overheat. Instead, most professionals suggest using a pressure washer in intervals of three to five minutes.

Is it enough to just take your finger off the trigger to give your machine a break? Cooling down your pressure washer properly will require a complete shut-off. Leaving them idle isn’t enough because the machine will still hold water inside the pump. As this water heats up, it will melt the seals on the pump.

Leave The Job to Wash-N-It

Although purchasing your own pressure washer may seem like an excellent way to save money, using this powerful machine can be dangerous. But for most homeowners, pressure washing won’t be a constant task to be performed throughout the year. So see for yourself why Wash-N-It’s clients are thrilled with our reliability, effectiveness, dedication, and work ethic. 

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