Deck Restoration: Is Pressure Washing Necessary?

deck restoration

Whether you have just installed a new deck, or want to restore or stain an old one, you’ll first need to remove all of the impurities before starting your deck restoration project. And rarely ever does a good scrub down do the trick. Before treating or restoring your wooden deck, you need to have it pressure washed if you want to avoid premature failure.

Premature failure is caused when the stain of the wood begins to fade or peel within the first few years of being restored. It can be very frustrating and an eyesore, not to mention a waste of money.

If Your Deck is Old

If you are restoring an old deck, pressure washing is essential for many reasons. First off, many older decks need to have the top layer of oxidation removed to restore the wood to its original glory (and color). Pressure washing also removes dirt, grime, mold, and other impurities from the wood to prepare it for restoration properly.

For an extra excellent finish, you can use a deck stripper before it is pressure washed, to remove old stains or impurities that pressure washing can’t reach. Once it is pressure washed, we highly recommend you also use a deck brightener. A deck brightener will open up the grain of the wood and allow the new stain to be absorbed properly.

If Your Deck is New

If you have a brand new deck and you want to stain and treat it, you should still pressure wash beforehand. Pressure washing a new deck removes mill glaze (a thin coating of varnish that occurs during the milling process). Mill glaze is another impurity that can cause the restoration to fail prematurely.

Everyone wants to enjoy those backyard memories; that is why you have a deck in the first place! Pressure washing your deck makes the restoration process go smoothly. It also ensures the job will last as long as possible, giving more time to enjoy your beautiful deck with friends and family.

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