Dangers of Pressure Washing With Bleach

pressure washing with bleach

When you think of getting things clean, you think of something white, sparkling, and with a fresh smell. Bleach (popularly known by the brand name Clorox) many times complements the idea of clean.

For this reason, when the topic of pressure washing your house comes up, many of the suggested mixtures that you find include bleach. But, is it a good idea to clean the outside of your home with bleach?

Pressure Washing With Bleach

Although cleaning with pressurized water alone can get surfaces clean, it doesn’t always get the job done correctly if dealing with heavier stains. Cleaning mixtures that have become popular are those that dilute bleach. 

Is it the best mixture? The truth is that bleach is not the best solution because it’s classified as a corrosive substance that can have negative effects like:

  • Burns
  • Eye irritation
  • Respiratory distress

Bleach is widely used for cleaning but, what other dangers does it present when pressure washing?

Other Dangers of Using Bleach With Pressure Washing

Adverse Effects on the Environment

The purpose of pressure washing your home is to get rid of stains on different parts of your home. It’s possible to overspray this bleach solution killing the plants and trees surrounding your house during the process.

Cleaning with bleach will also repel the beautiful wildlife, which includes the birds and the bees. It may seem to you like the bleach smell goes away after a week, but animals will detect the scent for way longer.

Damage to Your Pressure Washer

The power that bleach has to clean is the same power with which it can damage your pressure washer. Running bleach through your machine can lead to corrosion of your pump’s seals. Eventually, this will cause your pressure washer to be useless.

Get Pressure Washing Done Right

It may seem like pressure washing is a fun DIY project at home, but it can also be dangerous. To avoid damage to your home, or even yourself, call the experts at Wash-N-It. We are ready to provide you with the reliable pressure washing service you deserve!

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