Can Moss Damage My Roof?

pressure washing a roof

Moss is one of those unique elements that can be seen both negatively or positively. Most people appreciate the old charm look it can give to a walkway or a tree. You might feel like you’re somewhere in a fairy tale rather than your local neighborhood.

However, there’s a real ugly side to moss that cannot be neglected. So, it is worth serious concern if you find moss has collected on your roof. You might wonder if this is a good thing or bad?

The Good News

The sight of moss or algae on your roof does not always spell impending doom. It is merely an indication that the area it is located in is not getting enough exposure to the sun. Overhanging tree branches may block the sun’s rays, or you may live in an area that receives an excessive amount of rain.

Moss is a natural occurrence in many such areas, but it can be managed easily if you catch it early. Most people deal with their moss issue at the same time they clear out their rain gutters.

Potential Troubles Ahead

That said, if you allow the moss on your roof to go unchecked, you could be leaving yourself open to many problems. Before you know it, there could be a myriad of issues you’ll have to deal with.

  • Mold: when moss is allowed to grow uncontrollably, it can hold an excessive amount of water, leading to mold, rot, and bacteria build-up. These things could shorten the life of your roof and make a comfy home for unwanted critters who see the mold as a nice tasty dish to feed on.
  • Holes: it can easily creep underneath roofing shingles, slates, and tiles, dislodging them, creating holes and leakage into your home.

What Can You Do?

Dealing with these issues doesn’t have to be complicated. If you catch the spread early, clean-up can be as simple as using the right solution. However, be careful of the choices you make.

Household chemicals may seem like a logical solution, but keep in mind that while these may eliminate the moss, they could have harmful interactions with your roofing materials. 

In many cases, it is best to hire a removal specialist to ensure that the job is done correctly and that the cure is not worse than the problem itself.

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